The Sidecar.

Jungle Bird – three versions.

The Gold Rush + A Proper Drink.

The Last Mariachi + mezcal.

El Diablo.

The Paloma / Faith + tequila

The Last Word.

The Caipirinha + muddling.

Moral Turpitude.

The Aviation.

The Hurricane.

Vieux Carré

The Sazerac

The Old Fashioned

The Gimlet

Navy Grog

Witches Jelly + cinnamon syrup

La Medicina Latina

The Ottoman + Veld tulip vodka

The Collins Family

Gin and It + vermouth.

The Manhatten

The Singapore Sling

Falernum – shelf stable

The Lord Lucan

The Paper Plane

The Mai Tai

The Negroni

The Daiquiri