Trenchtown Grog.

You groovin’ Kingston 12.

Trenchtown Grog.

There is no cocktail that I enjoy tinkering with more than the Navy Grog (well, maybe the Negroni) and given that there are three different rums as well as bitters and the sweet component the combinations are close to infinite. Some of my Grog variations I keep as closely guarded secrets to be the centrepieces on the menu of my fabulous Tiki bar that exists only in my mind. However, I’m also aware that not everyone wants to have 20+ different rums in stock and this recipe is a way of giving such cocktail fans a taste of both the Navy Grog and funky Jamaican rum in one fairly undemanding drink. It was while tinkering with the deconstruction of Jamaica’s favourite drink – Wray & Ting – that I came up with this simplified Grog that is both deliciously funky and refreshingly simple in that it requires only the one rum and dispenses with any fancy-ass bitters entirely. Because funktastic Wray & Nephew overproof rum is a kick-ass 63%ABV powerhouse we’ll not use too much of it and also blend it with a little ice to temper its sting in typical Navy Grog fashion. Should you lack a blender the usual trick of adding an ounce (30ml) of soda water and shaking hard with crushed ice will get you to a similar place. So it’s easy to make but is it any good? Yah Mon!

Trenchtown Grog.

1.5oz/45ml* Wray & Nephew overproof white rum** (widely available).

1oz/30ml white grapefruit juice (fresh or bottled).

0.75oz/22ml fresh lime juice

1oz/30ml ginger syrup (ideally home-made but commercial will do).

Blend with a small handful of crushed ice until smooth.

Serve with a bamboo straw or, better still, a Navy Grog ice cone.

Toast Trenchtown’s most famous son.

*You can use 2oz/60ml if you’ve had a tough day.

**Rum Fire and Rum Bar white overproof white rums are viable alternatives but are probably harder to find  for most people.





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