I’m Andy and this is my blog. The idea behind it is to get people who visit it making better drinks for themselves and their friends. Mostly at home but I’d like to think even bar professionals might get something out of it. I’d advise drinking in moderation but I expect you’ll drink however the heck you damn well want to thank-you-very-much. That’s OK with me. I’m not looking for a fight here. Fighting is for losers. If you have any questions I’d be happy to answer them. Suggestions are welcome too. email or comments. Whatever. I’m a bit new to this blogging malarky so apologies in advance for anything I that inevitably cock up.

What the FAQ:

Who the devil are you?

I’m Andy (I thought we’d already covered that). I love cocktails. I love making them. I love drinking them. I love talking about them. I love it when other people start to love cocktails. I really love it when I can help people to really love cocktails and make cocktails that they really love. And here we are.

How long have you been making cocktails?

Since The Dark Ages. Specifically 1998. Yes, I do always capitalise The Dark Ages. And yes I did just spell capitalise with an “s”. This is because I am Scottish, not because I am stupid – although that may also be true. This blog, however, is a much more recent development.

How did you get started?

We were looking for a theme for my wife’s birthday party and someone suggested a cocktail party (that’s right M’raid – this is all your fault). We rushed into it blindly and made some of the worst drinks ever consumed. The casualties were horrific. I’ve been trying to fix my mistakes ever since.

Why are you in the Netherlands?

Ah, you spotted the “.nl”. Very sharp. I’m here in Amsterdam because this is where I live. It’s the 21st century and all that. And booze is cheaper here.

Why is your blog in English then?

Because my Dutch pretty much sucks. If you want to contact me in Dutch that’s fine too – as long as you promise not to laugh at my replies.

Why do you know so much about this shit?

OCD. Happy now?

Do you know everything about cocktails?

I wish. If you know something that  I don’t please let me know.

Are you a professional?

A professional what? Asshole? Maybe. Barman? No. Not any more. I’m too old to stand up for 9 hours in a row. Being a barman broke my feet. Being a fat-ass didn’t help much either.

Do you have the qualifications to do this?

Yup. Combat Barman 1st Class and a decade behind the stick. Admittedly the wrong stick but who’s to know, right? I also possess assorted pieces of paper with writing and signatures on them.

If you had one piece of cocktail advice what would it be?

Always chill your glasses. Always.

Why do you use ounces and not ml?

Most cocktail recipes are far easier to memorise in ounces than ml. Also many of the best cocktail books – old and new – are in US fluid ounces. A US fluid ounce is almost exactly 30ml and you’re a smart person – you can work the rest out for yourself.

Whass yo thang?

My “thang”, as you put it, is classic cocktails, Tiki cocktails and a bit of cocktail history. If they forced me to go on Mastermind my specialist subject would be Classic Cocktails (1895 – 1945).

Is all of this true?

Pretty much.


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