Take my Word.

We’re going green.

Take my Word.

Two drinks I really love are a Gin & Tonic and The Last Word. One day I was constructing the former and I thought, “I wonder if adding a few drops of Elixir Vegetal de la Grande Chartreuse (an interesting Chartruese variant we discussed some time ago) might be interesting?” And it was. But then I thought, “I wonder if adding the other flavours in a Last Word might be even more interesting?” And it was. So with a little splash of Maraschino and a long thin strip of lime peel (AKA a horse’s neck) the Take my Word was born. If you lack Elixir Vegetal (highly likely) simply use a scant half a teaspoon of green chartreuse instead. Done correctly the result is still very much a gin and tonic but with just a hint of the indulgent pleasure that is a Last Word. It’s certainly a quirky twist on the classic G&T but is it actually any good? Take my Word for it…

Take my Word.

2oz / 60ml London dry gin of choice. I like Tanquaray No 10 in this.

6 drops Charteuse elixir vegetal or green Chartreuse (see text).

0.25oz / 7.5ml Luxardo maraschino liqueur

200ml of a fairly neutral tonic water*.

Long swathe of fresh lime peel.

Add above to a well iced gin glass and stir very gently.

Toast James Lovelock (1919 – 2022). The King of Green.

*Standard issue Fever Tree Indian tonic, Schweppes or similar.

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