Molokai Mule.

Mule it up.

Molokai Mule.

While not one of the most well known tiki drinks the Molokai Mule is a firm house favourite. Created in the 1960s for Steve Crane’s chain of luxury Kon-Tiki restaurants the Molokai Mule is neither from the Hawaiian island of Moloka’i nor, given its total lack of ginger beer, strictly speaking a mule at all*. But, hey, let’s go easy of the MM because it tastes great, kicks like a mule, is super simple to mix up and uses up those naked oranges that we’ve stripped of their peel for garnishing our Negronis.

While we tend to make them just one or two at a time the Molokai Mule is extremely suitable for scaling up by the pitcher or serving as a punch. Which brings us to an important point. When you shake a cocktail you dilute it by about 25-30% due to the melting ice and it’s all too easy to forget this when making it by the jug or bowl. I know this because I just about killed a bunch of my guests at a home Tiki party when I forgot to dilute a Meihana that I’d punchified. It’s fine to make a punch ahead of time and chill it in the fridge but remember to add that quarter to third extra of still (or sparkling) water beforehand. Yes, you will serve it with ice but it takes much longer for that ice to melt than in a shaken drink, especially as the mixture is pre-chilled. Warned.

Now to be clear while the non-Molokai not-Mule can certainly be made with good quality carton orange juice it shines most brightly when concocted with freshly squeezed juice. Furthermore do try to use a demerara rum if you can but failing that either a dark Jamaican rum or British Navy style rum (which usually has a significant demerara component) will do the job. The mixed base of the Molokai Mule makes it interesting while the near equal proportions make it a breeze to mix up – a killer combo that makes it an ideal party drink.

Molokai Mule.

2oz/60ml fresh orange juice.

1oz/30ml fresh lime juice.

1oz/30ml cognac (VS is fine).

1oz/30ml white rum (eg Havana Club 3 anjos)

1oz/30ml demerara rum** (or see text).

1oz/30ml orgeat (such as Monin or your own).

Shake with ice and pour, unstrained, into a Tiki mug.

If making a large punch switch from ounces to cups and add two of cups of water. Serve in a large bowl containing large ice blocks and cut fruit with a ladle and mugs for distribution.

Toast mules. Be nice to them or else.

*Although we can mule it up a bit by serving it in a handled mug.

**OVD (Old Vatted Demerara) is great in this if you can get your hands on some.


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