Good Evening Rosemary.

Pretty in pink.

Good Evening Rosemary.

A wonderful and yet simple Gin & Tonic variation the Good Evening Rosemary was invented in the summer of 2017 by my good friend and Gin & Tonic aficionado Sive* Cassidy at a villa somewhere in Galicia. I was rustling up a round of Mezcal Negronis when she grabbed my Campari and a few sprigs of rosemary from the garden and asked me “D’ya think if I added these to a G&T it might be tasty?”

“Nah,” quoth I, “That’d be nasty.” The Good Evening Rosemary is a delicious drink where all those bitter and sweet flavours meld perfectly and then the taste and aroma of the rosemary elevate it to a further level of sublimosity. Genius.

Good Evening Rosemary

1.5oz / 45ml dry gin of choice.

0.5oz / 15ml Campari.

200ml of tonic (I like Fever Tree).

Pour above over ice in a Collins or balloon glass and stir gently.

Insert a nice fresh sprig of rosemary.

Toast Sive Cassidy.

*Rhymes with “five”.

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