The Solipsist

Going solo.

The Solipsist.

When mixing with wonderful, wonderful mezcal we need to tread carefully. It’s a spirit that can take over a drink and it pays to use a little less of it than you would of a milder spirit. I’ve found that there is something of a synergy between mezcal and Grand Marnier and given that the latter weighs in at 40% ABV I thought it might take up the slack. So if we consider the mixture of 3 parts mezcal to 1 part Grand Marnier our “base” what shall we make? A sour, a sour! I hear your cry. Very well dear friends, a sour it shall be. Lime juice then? Perhaps, if a little too obvious, but lemon juice goes particularly well with Grand Marnier. So, what about the sweet component? Yes, that’s right; we already have some sweetness from the Grand Marnier. Just a little then, but what? Honey goes so well with lemon we’ll need to give that first refusal. Of course we shake a sour but are we going to serve this one up or on the rocks? I have the sense that this one wants to be served up so let’s go with that. Looks like we got us a drink:

The Solipsist.

1.5oz / 45ml mezcal (good quality, no worm).

0.5oz / 15ml Grand Marnier.

1oz / 30ml fresh lemon juice.

0.5oz / 15ml rich honey syrup (3:1).

Shake with ice and strain into a chilled champagne coupé.

Lemon garnish (optional).

Toast George Berkeley (1685 – 1753).


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