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Mexican Standoff: A mixing reposado showdown.

Mexican Standoff. We’ve talked a little bit about tequila before but this time we’re going to dive a bit deeper in a quest to find the ideal mixing tequila. As we know, tequila comes in two main types mixto which … Continue reading

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Jack Rose + apple brandy

Jack Rose + apple brandy The Jack Rose is a positively ancient cocktail that was very popular a century ago but has gradually faded into relative obscurity. More’s the pity as it can be quite delightful when well made. It’s … Continue reading

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Champagne Cocktail + sparkling wine.

The Champagne Cocktail. While there are many types of sparkling wine the one native to the Champagne region of France has pulled off perhaps the best marketing coup in history by permanently connecting their product with the act of celebration. … Continue reading

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