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Desert Rose + dusted garnishes.

Desert Rose + dusted garnishes. I like to roll out a bubbles based recipe on auspicious occasions but the five year anniversary of this blog came and went without my notice. Let’s put things right with a tasty cocktail that … Continue reading

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Mexican “Firing Squad” Special.

Mexican “Firing Squad” Special. While the “Firing Squad” might sound like some modern student bravado shooter it’s really something much older and wiser. Charles H Baker’s 1939 The Gentleman’s Companion: Being an Exotic Drinking Book or Around the World with … Continue reading

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Ward Eight.

Ward Eight. Here’s a drink that’s both 19th century (just) and that we have a pretty solid history for. There’s also pretty widespread consensus on the recipe. It’s not too often that all of that happens. The Ward Eight was … Continue reading

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Jack Rose + apple brandy

Jack Rose + apple brandy The Jack Rose is a positively ancient cocktail that was very popular a century ago but has gradually faded into relative obscurity. More’s the pity as it can be quite delightful when well made. It’s … Continue reading

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Dr Frankenstein.

Dr Frankenstein. We’ve been riffing on the the Dr Funk a lot recently but we need to be careful not to change it too much in case we create a monster. Hang on. I think I just had an idea… … Continue reading

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Dr. Faust.

Dr. Faust. Recently we looked at the tropical Doctor Funk cocktail and I promised you some variations of it. When embarking upon a variation voyage the first thing we consider is a change of base spirit. Sometimes it works and … Continue reading

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Doctor Funk + absinthe.

Doctor Funk. The Doctor Funk is an interesting summer cooler that I don’t feel gets nearly the attention it deserves. In one sense it stands entirely alone: While the whole Tiki genre pretends to be Polynesian only the Doctor Funk … Continue reading

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Syrups – simple and not so simple.

Simple – and not so simple – syrups. As you will have noticed a fair number of cocktail recipes call for some kind of syrup. Usually simple syrup but often some other variation. I’ve given a rough explanation of those … Continue reading

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The Hurricane.

The Hurricane. Since we’ve recently covered New Orleans’ other two famous cocktails, the Sazerac and the Vieux Carré, we should probably complete the trilogy. Especially since summer is almost upon us – for the Hurricane is a most illustrious warm weather drink. The Hurricane … Continue reading

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The Shrunken Skull + home made grenadine

The Shrunken Skull Tiki can be tricky. Even saying “Tiki can be tricky” can be tricky. Especially if you’ve had a Shrunken Skull. Thankfully there’s nothing tricky to making one. There’s a basic similarity to the Mai Tai here; an ounce each … Continue reading

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