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Novara. The Novara is a favourite cocktail of mine which appears in Jamie Boudreau’s Canon. Whilst the book, as is not uncommon in modern era cocktail books, has a plethora of complex and “crafty” recipes, the Novara is refreshingly simple … Continue reading

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(Stripped Down) Porn Star Martini.

(Stripped Down) Porn Star Martini. The cocktail classicist can become prone to an arrogant disdain for certain modern populist concoctions and being myself guilty of exactly such a weakness I decided it time to engage in some constructive catharsis around … Continue reading

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Chief Lapu Lapu.

Chief Lapu Lapu. If there’s one drink that is represents the Tiki genre better than any other I believe it’s this one. Yes, Mai Tais, Zombies and Navy Grogs are better known these days but the Chief was a staple … Continue reading

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The Hurricane.

The Hurricane. Since we’ve recently covered New Orleans’ other two famous cocktails, the Sazerac and the Vieux Carré, we should probably complete the trilogy. Especially since summer is almost upon us – for the Hurricane is a most illustrious warm weather drink. The Hurricane … Continue reading

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