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Powder Monkey + tea infused rum.

Powder Monkey + tea rum. In the days of sail it was quickly discovered that storing large quantities of gunpowder next to the guns on the upper decks of your warship was a bad idea (hint: ka-boom!). A much better … Continue reading

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Honi Honi.

Honi Honi. The Honi Honi is the forgotten little brother of the Mai Tai that uses bourbon instead of rum. Trader Vic was probably just catering to dyed-in-the-wool bourbon drinkers when he came up with the Honi Honi (which apparently … Continue reading

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Americano / Milano-Torino.

Americano / Milano-Torino. Not to be confused with the warm drink (a perfectly good espresso completely ruined by the addition of hot water*), the Americano is a mixed drink that has a difficult time of things. Like its namesake it’s … Continue reading

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Batavia Swizzle + arak

Batavia Swizzle. It’s swizzling time again folks but this time we’re transplanting this Caribbean classic all the way across the world to make an “East Indies” version. Yes, today our base spirit will be Batavia Arak [sound of needle scratching … Continue reading

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Goodnight Vienna.

Goodnight Vienna. Does there always have to be a story? Nah. Here’s a tasty cocktail that I named Goodnight Vienna. It’s a sort of stirred sister to the Solipsist. End of. Goodnight Vienna. 1.25oz / 37.5ml mezcal (of good quality … Continue reading

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Fake Empire.

Fake Empire. My favourite band – The National – release their new album Sleep Well Beast today and I thought I’d mark the occasion the only way I know how to: by creating a cocktail. I took my inspiration from … Continue reading

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The Revolver + flamed orange peel.

The Revolver. Created by Joe Santer of Bourbon and Branch, the Revolver is a rather interesting drink. On paper it hardly looks revolutionary – just a coffee tweaked Old Fashioned. However made properly, the Revolver is a revelation. One of … Continue reading

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The Solipsist

The Solipsist. When mixing with wonderful, wonderful mezcal we need to tread carefully. It’s a spirit that can take over a drink and it pays to use a little less of it than you would of a milder spirit. I’ve … Continue reading

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