Proof News – a change is in the wind.

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Proof News – a change is in the wind.

In a change from our normal programme brings you news of some changes. Some of you may have noticed that my articles haven’t been quite as frequent over the last weeks. Sorry about that but I’ve got an excuse: I’ve been busy. Allow me to explain. I was hoping to make an announcement around now about my involvement in an exciting new bar/restaurant about to open here in Amsterdam. But then life Covid-19 got in the way. Just before we opened, we got locked down – along with the rest of the industry. Jammer (as we say here in nl). Looks like you’ll have to wait a little longer to try my cocktails for real. So, because of the sucky situation, we’re going to ride out the ‘rona by pivoting to an entirely unrelated delivery model. Our head chef Guillem is something of a BBQ nut and we reckon there’s a distinct shortage of frisky brisket in this city so we’ll be opening Jack’s BBQ Shack for take-away and delivery in the next few days. But y’all’re gonna need something to wash all that smoky goodness down and so it looks like I’m back in mixin’ business after all! I’ve morphed some Proof favourites into take-away jam jar cocktails for the thirsty masses and added a couple of new recipes I’ve been working on to the mix. As you can see the presentation is far from fancy but definitely right on-brand. These drinks might be at the other end of the spectrum from bespoke cocktails but, with a bit of tweaking, certain cocktails – and we’re really talking about sours and Collins’ here – can be pretty damn tasty in this format if you take care to boost the flavours to the max and pay close attention to your chilling and dilution. And as long as the deliverator pedals fast enough.

And then, when this Corona shit-storm has finally blown itself out, we’ll be back with plan A. Ah, ah – no clues! I’ve waited this long so I think I can keep the details safely in my back pocket for just a few more months…

Ridin’ out the storm with some BBQ.


So what does this all mean for Well not too much as it happens. While the frequency of posting might become a bit more erratic (depending on how busy I am) I’ve no intention of stopping this blog since the noble war on sobriety is far from won. If anything you might see a bit more variety in future articles reflecting my re-insertion into the sharp end of the cocktail industry. Meanwhile you home cocktailistas should keep the faith and consider these difficult times the ideal opportunity to perfect your art.

Stay safe and happy mixin’


PS – If you’re in central Amsterdam click below to order some awesome BBQ and cocktails!

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