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Palomarita. With some roasting hot weather imminent we’re gonna be in need of something cool, refreshing and familiar to tide us through the heatwave so I came up with the Palomarita which is a frankencocktail that combines – yup, you … Continue reading

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Repo Man : The Margarita part 3.

Repo Man. Welcome to our third and final (well for now anyway) look at the Margarita and its variations. We’ve seen classic and modern versions but now it’s time for my own twist. As we discussed before there are three … Continue reading

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Tommy’s Margarita : The Margarita part 2.

Tommy’s Margarita. We looked recently at that Prince(ess?) of the tequila drinks; the Margarita. It’s history is as confusing as the myriad of different recipes. Thankfully there is a superb version of the noble Margarita that is simple and delicious … Continue reading

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Margarita – part 1.

The Margarita. Without getting into the veritable maze of creation claims for the Margarita let’s just point out that this popular classic is surprisingly modern with no recipe appearing in print before 1953. Even in the (likely) case that there … Continue reading

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