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Three Dots & a Dash + Pimento dram.


Three Dots & a Dash. One of TikiWorld’s finest delights, the Three Dots and a Dash was created by the great Don the Beachcomber to celebrate the end of the second world war. You see the strange name of this … Continue reading

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Jet Pilot (+ Test Pilot).

Jet Pilot. When it comes to Tiki it’s safe to say that almost all the best drinks were created by three big names; Don the Beachcomber, Ernest Raymond Beaumont Gantt, and Donn Beach. They were actually all the same guy … Continue reading

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Saturn. Tiki means rum, right? Wrong. Ish. Tiki almost always means rum. The Saturn is a rare gin based Tiki drink that is really quite fabulous. I would have told you about it sooner but for the issue that it … Continue reading

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Royal Bermuda Yacht Club

Royal Bermuda Yacht Club. Having survived my first year as a cocktail blogger (woo-hoo!) and since the first drink I wrote about was the Daiquiri I thought it might be a good time to look at an interesting twist on … Continue reading

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Calico Jack + home-made spiced rum.

Calico Jack. Let’s look an example of making a new cocktail by taking an established classic and modifying the crap out of it. The Calico Jack is a Daiquiri derived cocktail I came up with many years ago and hadn’t … Continue reading

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Blackbeard’s Ghost.

Blackbeard’s Ghost. I was perusing the stats for this here blog the other day and it came to my attention that by far the most read article so far was my recipe for shelf stable falernum. Given this, it occurs … Continue reading

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Corn ‘n’ Oil + the jam jar shake.

Corn ‘n’ Oil. The Corn ‘n’ Oil has a bit of an image problem. It just doesn’t sound that appealing. It doesn’t even look that appealing. If there was ever a lesson in not judging a book by its cover … Continue reading

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Falernum – shelf stable

Falernum is a Caribbean concoction of rum, sugar, lime, ginger, almond and spices (usually allspice and cloves) – a Tiki staple that plays nice with so much more than just rum. The problem is that it can be tricky to find and while the easiest … Continue reading

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